Flexible Production

Our production is highly flexible, making it possible to adapt quickly to the specific requirements of individual buyers.

With our excellent team of technology and nutrition experts, we can meet a number of specific needs and develop tailor-made products for large buyers looking for a long-term partnership.


Simple Transport

Pure high protein pasta is stored and distributed at room temperature.

The product does not require refrigerating or freezing at any stage from production to the end consumer, making transport and storage easier and cheaper. Because the use-by period is 18 months, it is easier and cheaper for distributors and large buyers alike to respond to potential fluctuations in demand.


Established Packaging Method

Pure pasta is packaged in high-quality foil in 125 g packets, meeting the modern guidelines for serving sizes. There are 16 packets per carton and 90 cartons per standard Euro pallet.  

Pure packaging has a modern design, reflecting the premium quality of production and the contemporary diversity of lifestyles, for which Pure pasta is a perfect fit. The packaging protects the pasta from light, while still making it possible for the consumer to see the product before purchase. Each packet is sufficient for two servings based on the protein content and energy value, making it the perfect size for modern small households, as well as the varied dietary wishes and wants in larger households.

The packets are packed in durable, standard-size cartons for easy handling during distribution and storage. The Euro pallet is a standard size for ease of transport and storage.

No. of packets/

No. of cartons/
Pallet stacking 10 per row
Pallet height

155 cm 
(product height)
+15 cm 
(pallet height)